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4 essential components for building successful ecommerce website

4 essential components for building successful ecommerce website

Are you ready to bring your e-commerce website to the new higher level and launch it? If yes, so great! You also need to think more about profit because an e-commerce website coming with a beautiful interface and high-quality products will be never enough, you should care more about the experience of users on your site. Online shopping is actually fiercely competitive market, here are some essential components making your shop a success.

  1. Experience for mobile shoppers

In 2016, there were roughly 65% of total buyers purchasing from mobile or other smart devices. The increase of mobile in market share means that the first thing you should consider is a mobile strategy to ensure your conversion rate, in details, that is:

  • ensuring checkout cart to run smoothly on mobile devices.
  • The mobile navigation is easy to use.
  • Keeping mobile version clean, simple and never forget Call To Action
  • Having enough space for finger tapping to check out, page navigation and NEXT buttons
  1. Easy checkout process

The biggest conversion killer for any shop owners is your badly planned checkout process. It might be the reason making you lose up to 67% of customers. To strike a balance between good functionality and good checkout experience you just need to follow those suggestions:

  • Checkout button is big and clear.
  • Never presenting unexpected price in checkout process
  • Ensuring loading speed with any devices
  • Allowing to edit cart content easily and simply.
  • Showing shipping cost clearly
  • Including product images and logo
  • keeping checkout simple, clean, and less clutter
  • making contacting support easy

Refer some extension to improve checkout process: Magento one step checkout extension, Magento 2 one step checkout extension, One-page checkout for Virtuemart.

  1. Guest sign up

Too complicated laborious registration forms might increase the abandonment rate because customers want to make a purchase as the guest or at least your registration process should be simplified and convenient as much as possible. Online shoppers are keen to make their purchases quickly and can easily be distracted, so help them and you as well achieve the goals. If you cannot allow them to buy as the guest, let’s simplify registration process by Magento Quick login extension or Magento 2 quick login extension.

  1. Detailed product descriptions

That sound quite easy but it will not be simple as you thought. What does it mean by detailed? And how does it work for your business? You are an online business, customers cannot touch your products so let’s offer them the detailed and accurate descriptions as much as possible. This description will work like your store’s sales staff so it needs to be informative and the right tone for your target. It will be much better if you include FAQs in each product detail page to alleviate any doubts about your products.

Refer Magento 2 FAQ extension

Let’s me take an example in fashion aspect, detailed product descriptions should include:

  • clothing size
  • texture
  • dimensions and weight
  • materials or fabric used for the products
  • warranties
  • colors

Capturing the demands of your customers and be creative with your description. Don’t make it too boring, tell it as the story to attract customers, let them know what benefits they can achieve from your business, the success will be on your hand.

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