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7 reasons to choose Mega menu for Magento 2 for your site

Mega menu for Magento 2

Nowadays, e-commerce website is developing with high quality technology. Your website becomes more beautiful and attractive. Especially, category items must be clear and much useful information displayed in the best design. Main details of product will be shown in mega menu that stores necessary detail of products so customers can look for suitable product quickly. To catch up with the current technology development trends, we have released Mega Menu for Magento 2 which is powerful extension coming with a lot of outstanding features: 7 types of mega menu that are responsive, easy to install and set color, flexible optimize menu, … One of them, 7 types of mega menu is one of the best special in this Mega Menu for Magento 2.

Firstly, when you install Mega Menu for Magento 2 successfully, the website’s menu is displayed by default category listing. A category product is shown in the left of website, it is responsive and displayed depending on screen size. Besides, there are many submenus with flexible options, so attractive to all users right at the first sight.

Secondly, dynamic category listing is the next option in Mega Menu for Magento 2. With technology development and creation, the menu in each e-commerce is very modern with images and description below. When a user hovers each item in the category, there are a list product appears following horizontal with dynamic images to attract customer’s sight.

Static category listing is the third choice for your Mega Menu for Magento 2 version. With this option, the list of product is listed on horizontal and many features of each item below. In this choice, no submenus for customer choose and all information of product will be displayed in this listing with images and color harmony.

Fourthly, product grid choice is suitable for your website. With this choice, there is a list item of products are displayed in boxes with images, product’s information as well as price. They create a gird of products that depends on arrangement of the shop owner, it will make your website more harmony and unique by Mega Menu for Magento 2.

Product listing is one of the best options for your Mega Menu for Magento 2 and the fifth choice for you. Your products arranged in main category to small section in the direction from left to right. The items show following columns. Not only buyers easily look for suitable product quickly, but also it makes them comeback your site many times.

Besides product listing option, we are proud of introducing the sixth choice for your Mega Menu for Magento 2. It is dynamic product listing by category, which is a special option for Magento 2 version. When you click mouse into each item, there is a list product displays with images and information. Your customers will like your website with unique design and suitable arrangement of products.

The last one is content option that is very suitable for special product if you want to inform amazing news to any customer. At here, shop owner can introduce a good thing to buyers such as event, special program with sale. It spends a large place for you make description as well as anything of your product. This choice is very suitable for big news for customer and Magento 2 version.



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