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How Ecommerce web design trends would be in 2018?

We are in the last days of 2017, we bet that it has been a year with a lot of change and explosion. At the position of a web development agency, we want to emphasize some new ecommerce web design trend coming in 2018. Hope you could be up-to-date business owners with our highlight!

  1. Boxes

From 2018, Box design trend will no longer just a functionality added to a website, it will play a big part in web design. Because boxes are always visual so in ecommerce website, they are actually helpful when being used for eye-catching call to actions. Why can boxes spice up the overall look of the store? Boxes seem to be simple but with some artistic layering, your design will appear more complex and elegant. No matter the functionality intended for boxed elements, it will absolutely be a hot trend for 2018.

  1. Bright colors

In 2018, you should say goodbye to web-safe colors (that are consistent on any computer, or browser, capable of displaying at least 8-bit color). People, nowadays, seem to prefer bold colors because they can attract customers’ attention better. Expect to see more vivid and bright color palettes and brands becoming a little more creative with color. With Start-ups, in particular, they will incorporate vibrancy into their branding with the hope of grabbing more attention.

  1. Video takeover

Video is stronger than text, sound and animation. It is the combination of those things. you will be surprised to the effect of how a moving image automatically captures the attention of a potential customer. You might say that video is not a new concept but it is still an extremely versatile component, which is used for advertising, storytelling, and a modern take on photography. One more thing is Google loves video. When you search a term on Google, the first result will always be a video from Youtube or other video websites. A great trend for 2018.

If your website has not already had video, let’s add this function for it by using Magento product video extension or Magento 2 product video.

  1. Custom illustration

As you might know, Illustrations are a brilliant and versatile addition to an e-commerce website. They are a creative, friendly, visual element that helps add fun to a website. Unique styles of illustration can also be used to create an entire brand identity.

To give you an idea of how to incorporate illustrations into your e-commerce site, try adding them into header images, custom iconography, bespoke fonts and animated visuals. There are trends when it comes to illustration itself but we’ll save that for a rainy day. However, expect this to be a key trend for e-commerce sites in 2018 and I foresee this becoming a large part of company identity.

They are the four most typical ecommerce web design trends for 2018, we hope you find it useful and good luck for your sale.

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