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Hot released item: Magento 2 delivery date extension on Cmsmart

Magento 2 delivery date extension

In our today society, ecommerce is the fertile market but seems to be too crowd. Of course, offering customers high-quality products is always important but it is not enough if you want to be successful. Clients, nowadays, pay a lot of attention to customer service, especially when trading is not just in one country, clients can buy products from any countries in the world. Besides providing customers standard Magento 2 shipping calculator system, we want to upgrade shopping experience to a higher level with the extension allowing to choose a specific date for shipping called Magento 2 Delivery date extension. We develop this Magento 2 extension to ensure an outstanding shopping experience and streamline order management. Here are some outstanding features for you to refer:


  • Date delivery Option is displayed right in the checkout process to bring full information for each order as well as improve your Magento checkout process.
  • Filling date and time with smart calendar: Customers can choose their the preferred delivery arrival dates and specify the most comfortable time period by click on the calendar. After the time is determined, the information will be updated automatically, we are sure that no extra pages or page reload on checkout process.
  • Delivery days off: Our Magento 2 delivery date allows shop owners to block the days that are not available for delivering products in the back-end. In the front-end, those days will be hidden on the calendar so your customers can not click to them. We offer this feature with the purpose to avoid the common mistake of selecting a day that is not proper.
  • 2 options for displaying: Displaying on field ( one field for date and one field for time) and Displaying FROM TO (date/time from and date/time to).
  • Delivery Time list for each City: Magento 2 delivery date enables users to setup delivery time for each city in the back-end. After customers fill the information about Country, state, and zip code, just by clicking LOAD ADDRESS button, the suitable time will be shown as being setup in the back-end.
  • Adding Delivery Comment: when customers leave any other information related to their delivery in field ” Delivery Comment” and this field can be configured to hide or show in the back-end.
  • Date Format Setting: there are several format for you: dd-mm-yy/dd-yy-mm/mm-dd-yy/mm-yy-dd/ yy-dd-mm/ yy-mm-dd.
  • Layout Customization for label color, title color and icon color.
  • Time Slider Display: your customers can set hour just by clicking, holding, and dragging to the position that corresponds to the decided time.
  • Extra information for each order: Admin can view information about delivery date and time of each order right in the detailed order.
  • Our Magento 2 Delivery date extension is so easy and simple to install and use. Moreover, it can be integrated properly to any magento 2 theme without causing conflict.

What I mentioned above is just the submerged part of the iceberg, let’s try to enjoy by yourself as you know Observations is the best teacher. Hope you love it!


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