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Hot released item: Magento 2 price matrix extension on Cmsmart

Magento 2 price matrix extension

Recent years, a lot of companies and enterprises have discovered the power and influence of the price matrix to deliver different prices to different deal circumstances. Why? Price matrix is actually awesome in generating a set of structured cells along its dimensions. For an instant, you have several variables such as size, sales region, and industry, each of them will come with a different price, so the combinations of these fields will produce thousands of unique cells. You will find its value when it brings users much more precise and targeted pricing, no margin-eroding negotiations. Catching up this strength, Netbase team has released a product called Magento 2 price matrix extension, this promising product is the perfect solution to deliver targeted pricing to specific segments in a leveraged way. Now, let’s check its features before making a decision:


  • Creating price matrix table for each product on product detail page: when you choose a product, price matrix table will be shown and you just need to choose the box that is suitable to all of your demands in the matrix.
  • One click to get the final price: generally, if the site does not have price matrix module, you have to sum the price for each attribute to get the final price. However, with Magento 2 price matrix extension, you just need one click to the box on the table, the final price is shown there. Then click on “Add to Cart” button to go to the checkout step.
  • Display in vertical or horizontal position for created attributes
  • Unique calculation for QUANTITY attribute: we provide individual price rule so you can set the certain price for corresponding quantity ranges.
  • Ultimate responsive design: with this function, the price matrix table will look great regardless of smart devices you use including Smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc. Your website will become so catchy and convenient
  • Imputing price simply: When you enter the price in the price matrix table, only the prices that are greater than or equal to the base price of the product are acceptable.
  • Editing price matrix table easily: Magento 2 price matrix extension allows users to add or remove the attribute, attribute value, change position ( 2 options: the horizon or vertical), change price in the price matrix table.
  • Color customization: You can freely choose colors to customize the colors of price matrix table including Background Title Option, Color Text Title, and Text Select Item Color to be suitable with your style.
  • Preview price matrix table in the backend: After finishing configuration process, you can preview to check it again to avoid error might occur before showing it in the front-end.
  • Easy and simple to install and use: We develop Magento 2 price matrix for all people, even people with little knowledge about information technology also can install and use as the description in the user guide. With some simple step, this extension is ready to use.
  • Compatible with any Magento 2 themes: You can integrate Magento 2 price matrix with any Magento 2 themes without worrying about conflicts. It will bring your website convenience and attractiveness.


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