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How to install Magento 2 Quick view extension

magento 2 quick view

Magento 2 Quick view is a special item from Cmsmart that allows customers to check all needed information related to listed product without loading product detail page. We have introduce what do we have in Magento 2 quick view extension in a previous post so today we will show you how to install it:

There are 5 steps for you:

Step 1: Unzip package

After buying this product, in the download file you unzip it and you will see it includes:

You unzip the file named nbm_mag2_quickview_package-1.0.0.zip.

After that, you will see a folder 

Step 2: Install

You copy folder achieved in the first step into your root Magento folder.

Step 3: Enable, Upgrade and deploy

  • Go to your root magento folder -> bin -> keep “Shift” + clicks the right mouse -> Select “Open command window here”
  • From command window, you write:
    1. First, you write:
    php magento module:enable Cmsmart_Quickview
    2. After running command above successfully, you write:
    php magento setup:upgrade
    3. After running command 2 successfully, you write:
    php magento setup:static-content:deploy

Step 4: Clean cache

In admin panel, go to System -> Cache Management

In Mass Actions category, you choose “Select All” and then click on “Submit” button right on the Top of the table.

Step 5: Integrate

To run Quick View template in anywhere you want, please put this code
inside correspondence template
<? php echo $this->getLayout()-
->setData (‘pid’, $_item->getId())

*For example In Catalog Widget: Homepage, Categories Page,

Edit file: vendor/magento/module-catalogwidget/
Put the below code inside <div class=”product-item-details”>
As below:
<div class=”product-item-details”>
<? php echo $this->getLayout()-
->setData(‘pid’, $_item->getId())
*With the exception of Wishlist page:
Edit file: vendor/magento/modulewishlist/
Put the above code inside <div class=”product-item-details”>:
<div class=”product-item-info”>
<? php echo $this->getLayout()-
->setData(‘pid’, $item->getProductId())

That’s all about the installation process, easy and simple, right? We hope you can install it quickly by yourself and if you want, our support team also has this Magento 2 quick view extension installed. Bringing you the best product and service is our pleasure. Hope you find this article helpful.

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