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Magento Product Design Extension: MAIN FEATURES


Not all customers can use the design software like Photoshop to create a custom design as their expectation. Don’t worry! Your wishes will become easier with the Magento Product Design Extension. These power tools with function as add text, add art, add the image, free draw, add a QR code and much more feature that helps your customers create a …

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How to add related products in Magento 2 blog extension

Magento 2 blog extension

Due to those benefits of blog offering to business, why don’t you use the blog for boosting your sale? How? Magento 2 blog extension from Cmsmart provider allows users to add related products to each post. We usually use a blog for: New products and services: Let your visitors know about upcoming products and services, show them very detailed about …

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SEO tips to optimize organic ranking of your Magento 2 website

SEO tips to optimize organic ranking of your Magento 2 website

When building a Magento website, its design, simplicity, and elegance will be responsible for attracting customers at the first sight and software’s reliability and popularity determines whether the business will stay safe and be able to find online assistance whenever needed. Magento 2 is the higher updated version with a list of better extensions, robust coding architecture. And, one important …

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How to Add Compare Product with Magento multi-vendor module

Magento multi vendor module

Using Magento multi-vendor module to turn your eCommerce website into the marketplace model is not a daunting task. Because the development of each Magento version makes it easier and more simple. This Magento extension will lead you to the right way with a professional and eye-catching multi-vendor marketplace. This Magento multivendor Extension is designed specially. It optimized all management functions …

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How to add strong FAQ with Magento FAQ extension for store

Magento FAQ extension

Website with high loading speed, full tools for the great shopping experience, high-quality products, what do you lack? FAQ! When your business has developed, more and more customers come to your site and not all of them can understand thoroughly about the product right at the first time but if all of them give a question to support team, imagine …

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What do we have in Magento ajax search suggest and Auto complete extension

Magento ajax search suggest and auto complete extension

There is one fact that The search bar is often the starting point when browsing the internet “Google” or any other e-commerce website. One question you should raise for yourself is how do you feel when coming to a website without an optimized search bar. If you ever worked with the Magento web store the standard Magento search system is …

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Magento extensions: How to market small business effectively

Magento extensions How to market small business effectively

Effective marketing might be easy, might be difficult but the main requirement is still comprehending upcoming trends and emerging channels. If you already had the marketing strategies for yourself, it is recommended to read this article to collect more information about how to market a small business successfully with Magento extensions: 1. Blog With Expertise Anyone who has been taking …

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How to install Magento 2 Quick login extension

Magento Quick Login extension

A lot of web owners agree that consumers hate default login/sign up process of Magento cause it is too complicated and requires too much time to go through page by page. If you find the abandonment rate on your website is high, don’t hesitate to check your login step, one of the main reasons. Fortunately, we have Magento 2 Quick …

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How to install Magento 2 Ajax search Suggest and Auto Complete extension

Magento 2 Ajax Search Suggest and Auto Complete

There is a fact that almost 90% visitors use keywords to search products and services instead of searching the entire name cause I think that remembering an exact name is not possible for all people. So, why don’t you provide them a smart auto complete search on your Magento web store with Magento 2 ajax search suggest and auto complete …

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How to edit seller profile in product detail page with Magento multi vendor module

Magento 2 marketplace

There is a fact that a booming industry has promoted the new ideas and strategies to help the merchants increase their sale, one of them is marketplace model. We can’t deny that this model has been benefiting the thousands of retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers to sell their products nationally and even globally. We can see the success of the giant such as Amazon, …

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