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How Magento 2 extensions deal with cart abandonment on your website?

How magento 2 extensions deal with cart abandonment

Have you ever been in this case: you build so wonderful website, you display your high-quality products on it, you invest a lot of time, money and effort on it. You believe that those great things will drive customers to your site. However, finally you found that all your effort has paid off, customers add products to cart but head towards checkout and leave the shopping cart.

In fact, cart abandonment is one of the things that hurt business owners’ benefit most. Some aspects are enough to justify the above statement.

  • About 50% to 60% of the online shopping cart is abandoned before the checkout process.
  • About 75% of the cart abandonment occurs while 65% of the carts are abandoned before checkout.

The main reasons for cart abandonment:

  • High shipping cost is charged
  • Price is too expensive
  • The checkout process is too complexity with multiple pages have to be loaded.
  • Limited Payment Options
  • Lack of product information
  • Security problems
  • Unspecified delivery time

How Magento 2 extensions can help business owners eliminate all the reasons lead to the cart abandonment?

  • Providing Free Shipping And at least Making It Visible

That’s will be the best if you provide free shipping cost, customers will feel like they get more benefit in that transaction. It will not only entice consumers to complete their initial purchasing but will also entice them to buy more products. However, if the value of the transaction is not big enough to free shipping or you have to ship abroad, let’s make the shipping cost visible for customers to consider.

You can make your shipping cost be shown immediately with Magento 2 shipping calculator module.

  • Making Cart Visible All The Times:

If you make the cart visible, the cart abandonment might reduce 6% to 8% because instead of navigating to other page and wait until it is loaded, customers can check the cart anytime, so convenient!

  • Reducing Page Counts In Checkout Process:

Let’s imagine how customers feel if your checkout needs to go through six pages to complete. So terrible! You should notice that don’t distract customers with additional forms, products or questions. A shorter checkout cycle will reduce abandonment level to a greater extent.

Refer Magento 2 one step checkout extension that will reduce checkout process from 6 pages to just one page and come with a lot of other outstanding feature.

  • Having High-Quality And Interactive Product And Images:

The surveys revealed that customers are actually interested in the product with high-quality images and ability to view them in their own style, color, alternate view and zoom facility. or if have videos, much better. They suppose that videos and images will bring them the real feeling about products like they can touch products. Therefore, helping consumers to avail this facility will help you to reduce abandonment rates to a greater extent.

Check Magento 2 product video extension and integrate videos into your site.

Overall, just by applying some tips in this article, your conversion rate will increase and cart abandonment will reduce significantly. Customers will satisfy with a better and easy shopping experience.

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