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What do we have in Magento 2 marketplace on Cmsmart?

Magento 2 marketplace

The multivendor marketplace is the hot trend, a lot of posts have written and discussed it. You can observe that in several recent years,  online stores in large scale have changed into marketplace model. If you build a multivendor marketplace for your own, don’t forget to empower them with extensions and one of them we highly recommend is Magento 2 marketplace module. Here is the list of feature for you to refer:

  • Separating seller interface: Magento 2 marketplace provides users the best condition to manage Profile, Settings, Products, Orders, Transaction List and Sales Report with a very elegant interface right in seller account.
  • Seller Management: All information of all seller on Marketplace will be managed in the back-end and administrator can changes status in terms of approving or disapprove, delete seller or view seller information.
  • Supporting all types of product: Magento 2 marketplace will work well with all types of products available on Magento such as configurable, virtual, simple, downloadable. Moreover, users can also use add-ons seller/vendor to create grouped and bundle product with a full set of the attribute.
  • Flexible Commission Management: This Magento module allows web owner to set commission on a global level, which means that commission will be applicable for all sellers. However, there will be some special case with the special type of sellers, you still can set commissions for each of them.
  • Notification email: There will be an email sent to admin informing that customer register to become seller or seller add or edit a product. Sellers will receive emails when customers contact their shop or in case admin approves or disapproves seller registration or seller product, etc.
  • Marketplace Seller Central: Customers can choose among plenty of sellers with their stores available on the marketplace.
  • Seller Attribute Management: Magento 2 marketplace module allows sellers to create an attribute for their products and then admin will approve in the admin panel.
  • Marketplace Management by Admin: Administrator will manage all information related to sellers in terms of seller products, orders, and transactions.
  • Multiple Vendor Product Checkout At Once: There is no limitation for the amount of sellers you buy products from, you can buy as many as you want and check the vendor name in the cart as well.
  • Responsive design: Our Magento 2 marketplace extension is compatible with all devices including desktop, smart phone, tablet, laptop, etc. which bring the convenience for both sellers and customers.
  • Graph Setting by admin: Admin can select types of graph and set the color for graph right in the back-end.
  • Supporting multi currencies and languages
  • Easy to install and use: Just with several simple steps, you can finish installing and configuring this Magento 2 marketplace extension
  • Supporting multiple themes: You can integrate it for any Magento themes to make your website more professional and attractive.


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