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Magento 2: Promised platform for ecommerce business in 2017

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We are in December, the final days of year 2016. It’s time for summarizing about what we had gone through in this year: how the industry changed, what we gained and what we lose. From the point of view of Economic analyst, in the end of 2016, the e-commerce sale may reach the number of 1,915billion US dollars and in the next four years, it may increase by 2,143 billion to achieve 4,058 billion US dollars in 2020. Such a huge upsurge, right?

To take a foothold in on this lucrative business market, retailers are quickly going for eCommerce store development. From that fact, the demands of using eCommerce development platforms have increased significantly, Magento is not exceptional, even it always makes up high percentage of number of using,However, one question raised is Magento 1.x and Magento 2, which one will be the preference of the retailers.

It is undeniable that most of the users are familiar with the seamless design and development features Magento 1.x bring to their e-commerce website. However, when Magento 2 was released, it has become the promised e-commerce platform with unique advantages of best ever eCommerce store features for the retailers to explore in 2017.

I will list a few interesting improvements in Magento 2 that most of the retailers care about and desire to invest in 2017:

Flexible E-commerce Store Development Architecture

In comparison to the previous version, Magento 2 comes with flexible development architecture. This feature will enable retailers to realize what their online business actually needs and what will be the best concepts through their eCommerce stores. Developers can effortlessly operate with any kind of third-party solution thanks to more efficient and extensive APIs of Magento 2.

Pleasing Shopping Experiences

One of the purposes Magento 2 developed is improving the user experiences (UX) with personalization and more engaging shopping concepts. Now, a lot of retailers know how to take advantages of high-resolution videos to show their products to bring customers the actual feel of what exactly the product looks like. They may be convinced more when they see products through appealing product videos.

Additionally, Magento 2 will continue upgrading check out process, customers need to finish just one checkout step and exit. No essential details or information are provided, a lot of time is saved. In this case, simple is the best choice.

Scalable and Best Performing Websites

The performance of your website will be improved significantly with the strongly upgraded features of Magento Enterprise Edition 2 such as integrated Apache Varnish, quickly loading catalog, checkout pages, and many others. The eCommerce platform with standalone master databases for key subsystems ensures high scalability and availability for online shopping stores of the retailers.

Wrapping Up…

In 2017, Magento 2 is the prominent eCommerce development platform that retailers should consider for their sites if they are willing to take part in the fiercely competitive market with eCommerce websites or looking to renovate the existing online stores with better and premium features. With the upgrade and improvement in version Magento 2.0, I beg that Magento 2 could give you the best of what you desire.

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