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Magento 2 and WordPress, which one you should choose?

Magento 2

If you search the keyword: ecommerce platform on Google and if you are the fresher of this aspect, we are sure that you will be so dizzy number of e-commerce platforms returned and get a headache when deciding which one will be the right platform for your site. Each ecommerce platform has its own distinctive functionalities, serving different purposes of particular e-stores> for example, at first, you just need an online shop with very simple functionalities, but after several months or years, you want to scale up, you will need a scalable platform to satisfy that demand.

Generally, in discussion about building a website, two ecommerce platforms that are usually mentioned are Magento 2 and WordPress, two heavyweight candidates. Both of them are content management systems and come with outstanding features that will enable users to create high-end and functional online store. Most of business owners feel confused when they have to evaluate and choose between Magento 2 and WordPress; therefore, in this article, we will give you the insight about these two platforms.

Magento 2 and WordPress


If your aim when building a website is to sell products and services, it had better pick Magento 2. The reason is this platform offers features serving to build a website for selling numerous products online. So, there is no doubt that if you focus on build a business structure to trade, Magento 2 is always prioritized. On the other hand, if your purpose is managing content and selling product but smaller quantity, let’s choose WordPress. We recommend WordPress because it is content-driven and sough-after blogging platform. It is actually suitable if you plan on developing a site for updating news, great content or selling a few products.

Ecommerce Plugins

As you know, WordPress will offer a lot of plugins as well as variety of e-commerce third party plugins. For example, if you convert Magento to WordPress, WordPress will provide plugins that support you to integrate your e-store into WP theme. However, one problem comes is that the third party plugins integrated are usually less secure and reliable, especially when selling products. With Magento 2, plugins are not needed because it’s developed mainly for offering e-commerce solutions. From the point of views of experts, in comparison to WordPress, the ability to add better functionalities of Magento is far better. Additionally, it is also more secure than WordPress. Magento 2 comes with options allowing you to add dissever payment gateways, custom shipping methods, gift cards and many more. If you want to upgrade and improve security of WordPress site, it is possible but quite time-consuming.


In fact, Magento 2 is larger and broken into a lot deeper parts than WordPress, it certainly will be more difficult to work with. Most of people who tried both Magento 2 and WordPress said that using WordPress is much easier and has an easier learning curve. However, of course, more simply also means that if you have website with lots of products and you build it with WordPress, it will be actually a headache problem.

Overall, choosing Magento 2 or WordPress is never an easy-to-answer question, it depends a lot on your purpose. But after reading this article, we hope that you can gain the overview about these two platforms.

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