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What do we have in new released item Magento 2 online design module?

Magento 2 online design module

Recent years, printing products have not been just narrowed in several given samples, consumers now desire more for products. They want the designs that exhibit attitude, perception, and even character. That’s the motivation for the printing industry be more and more mature. The term of automation has got the wide acceptance among printing industry and online design tool is indispensable item in this sector. We found that a lot of digital printing companies have been looking for a solution helping them deploy product design tools within their website so that their customers can prepare the design while accessing the website. In this article, I am so glad to introduce you a tool called Magento 2 online design module for any Magento websites from Netbase team.

Let’s see the check list of features for this Magento 2 extension:

  • Creating the customizable design for any products: Magento 2 online design allows users to create designs on any products including T-shirt, mugs, business card, bags, and much more.
  • Design tools like Add Text, Add Art, Add Image, Free Draw and Add QR code are so easy to use.
  • Management tasks that can be done in the backend include:
  1. Color Management: set certain colors for customizable designs (add or delete).
  2. Fonts Management: The font styles available in the frontend can be changed in the backend The store owner can add/delete the Google Fonts and Custom Fonts (by selecting 2 file types “.ttf and .woff”)
  3. Arts management: Shop owners can add arts to clipart library in the backend for customers to choose and there is no limitation for the number of arts added.
  4. Design product management: The Store Owner can enable “Online Design” for any products right in the Backend. At the same time, they can also customize design product dimension, design area dimension, select design image and add design template…
  5. Order Management: All orders that are included design will be managed separately in the backend. The store owners can view design for each order, approve that design or not and download the design image and output PDF.
  • Easy to add and customize text with a variety of colors, fonts, and other sizes.
  • Providing Free-hand drawing function with many tools: drawing brushes, geometrics, pictures, etc.
  • Enable to add QR code
  • Preview design with zoom function
  • Functions can be chosen to show or hide in the backend including: add text, add art, add an image, free drawing, add QR Code and designing on Smartphone.
  • Magento 2 online design module allows shop owners to set parameters for thumbnail design images such as thumbnail dimension and quality right in the Backend.
  • Design template management: All design templates will be created in the Backend by the store owner and your customers can view their design templates in the Frontend.

All in all, that’s all about the outstanding features in new released Magento 2 online design module, let’s check demo to enjoy real experience.


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