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Shipping calculator extension with evaluating method to charge shipping cost

Magento shipping calculator extension

Along with the rapid development of online shopping, shipping cost calculator also become a concerned problem for any international business owners. You cannot charge your customers too much because you might lose competitive advantages but you also should not charge them too little because it will, in some ways, hurt your profit. Therefore, how can you reach the level of optimizing charge or at least find the best solution for both your business and customers? This article will offer you the answer. We will give you some analytic and some tricks about shipping calculator extension and tips that can tip the scales in your favor.

Should you offer free shipping cost?

Some businesses are always willing to provide free shipping cost but still not hurt their profit. How? The shipping cost is charged directly for each product into its listed price. Instead of separating the cost into prices for products and price for shipping, they combine the two. What are the advantages? Checkout process will be a little less complex so the rate for success of transaction is also higher. What do you think about it? Is this good? I think it will not be suitable to business whose customers are usually foreigners. If you combine price of product and shipping or free for all transactions, that is never a great idea. Now, let’s see how can you charge shipping code with shipping calculator extension.

Calculated Shipping

Before you start selling products, let’s spend some time to calculate shipping cost base on product weight, dimensions, and other factors that might affect how much it costs to ship them. Round these numbers up to the nearest whole number. Remember that we are in digital era, don’t wait until your customers ask then you calculate the cost, let’s make everything automatically with shipping calculator extension. Here are the example for you. If you integrate Magento shipping cost extension or Magento 2 shipping calculator module for your site, that’s how it works:

When customers choose several products for their cart, they can pre-calculate the shipping cost for any products immediately just with one click. The pop-up of shipping calculator will appear right when customers click ” Estimate Shipping” button. When they fill in all needed information including country, state/province, zip code, result will be calculated and displayed very fast. The shipping calculator can be applied for both categories pages and detailed pages on the site, save a lot of time for users for loading pages. Geo IP technology, that is so great. Geo IP helps automatically detect customers’ countries based on the IP address of customers, filling data automatically on the checkout page. Customers just need to enter a postcode or a city address, then the system will deal with the other information for you.

That’s the overview about how shipping calculator extensions work with your business, so simple, so fast. Besides offering reasonable price for shipping ( of course you should do), great shipping calculator extension also play an important role in improving shopping experience on your site. We are all love convenience.

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