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Tips for designing great checkout process with Magento 2 (part 1)

Tips for checkout process Magento 2

Online shopping is the awesome innovation shopping industry when it brings the convenience and great experience for customers. Just stay at home, compare among thousands of providers and choose the most suitable product, that’s how your ideal life goes. However, in that process, there will be some frustrating things that make process will not be perfect as it should have been. One of them is checkout process so if you want to optimize user experience on your e-commerce store, don’t forget checkout process. Spending some time on tuning your checkout process, you will see the incredible result coming to your sale revenue. Here are some tips for you:

  1. Don’t require registration to shop

Remember that customers come to your site to buy a product, to be served but not fill out the form. Don’t ask them register right when they add the product to cart. The registration should be done during the checkout process, that’s the right time. When your customers are putting all their mind on shopping, don’t annoy them with registration, let them be free.

  1. Informing customers if the item is available

Let’s be clear about your product as well as its stock level. If a product or service is not available in your store, let your customers know, don’t make them feel like you cheat them. Don’t just display stock levels on product pages either, show them right on the search results page.

In case, the product is currently out of stock but it will be available after that, you can offer a pre-order option, that’s a way to inform and also a promise to your customers.

  1. Allowing your customers to easily modify the order

Nothing is perfect, customers might add wrong goods into their shopping basket or in some cases, they want to change their mind. So, why don’t you help your customers by making everything convenient to modify? You can provide a REMOVE link that will delete a product from the cart. Sound easy but it will really work with your website.

  1. Providing users with real-time-support

You optimize checkout process properly as much as possible, when using, there still are some problems caused by any misunderstandings or some particular needs or interests that cannot be easily defined using the available web-interface. How can you do? Send them professional, personal assistance instead of some common things like tickets or FQA pages. Of course, if customers cannot receive support timely, they will be very likely to cancel right in the checkout process.

  1. BACK button with fully functional

With a web browser, the BACK button is one of the most used buttons, so don’t hesitate to add it in checkout process of your website. Some websites even disable the BACK button and I can see it affect a lot on their site. Moreover, you also need to save the user’s data so that it is displayed again if it’s a form. Customers will be totally satisfied if they can make adjustments and carry on without having to re-fill the whole form.

To be continued…

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